SUPURINTO OTOBAI 2T is a synthetic blend motorcycle oil designed for 2 stroke engines. It is formulated with low ash additives to provide excellent low smoke engine performance.

SUPURINTO OTOBAI 2T offers good protection on bearings and pistons, excellent high temperature performance and prevents fouling of spark plugs.


API TC            JASO FD            ISO L-E GD

SUPURINTO OTOBAI 20W-50 is a 100% Synthetic motorcycle oil specially designed for 4 stroke cycle engines. It is blended from high quality additives and base stocks to ensure high revving performance.

It is suitable for modern high performance 4 stroke motorcycles such as Yahama, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Kubota, etc.

SUPURINTO OTOBAI 20W-50 offers good oxidation stability under highly stressed environment and excellent resistance against rust and corrosion.


API SN            JASO MA            JASO MA2